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Bovine Foundation Course

This course is to teach you a method to use yourself, that reduces impact pressure into the pelvis of the cow.  Impacts into the pelvis happen on a regular basis, i.e. through pipe yards, gates and bulling activity on uneven ground.  By keeping this pressure to an optimum, blood flow into the pelvis is correct.  The benefits of knowing the ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Method may include -

*Quieter stock                                   

*Tighter calving patterns because of increased blood supply into the uterus

*Reduced calving difficulties               

*Lower mastitis as blood flow fights infection                                               

*An increase in milk production

This is a half day Foundation level course highlighting the uniqueness of the bovine and the farming environment.  Participants must be familiar with the ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Method and have suitable wet weather clothing and gumboots.  

VENUE - Speedy Farm, Tanker No. 75177 (2.5kms east of Ngatea)  5109 Orchard East Rd, Ngatea (State Highway 2).

INSTRUCTORS - Jo Vickers & Lisa Gruythuysen

To register phone Lisa on 0274038026 or email lisagruythuysen@gmail.com

ONE ON ONE Training Available

This course is held on your farm, with your cows and at your convenience. 

COST - $250 per half day (plus $100 per additional person, up to a max. of 3) + GST.  (Travel negotiable).  

Registrations of interest to either Jo Vickers - jlvickers@xtra.co.nz OR Lisa Gruythuysen - email lisagruythuysen@gmail.com

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